Pivot in the Pandemic12-10-2020

In times of national or global crisis, being engaged in satisfying and fulfilling work is more important than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has radically disrupted the lives of millions worldwide. Along with the tragedy of losing loved ones, many folks have become unemployed or underemployed and now face the challenge of finding new jobs, careers, and even professions. My new book, Pivot in the Pandemic: A Godly Guide for Career Changers, offers a foundational understanding of what GOD wants us to know about the crisis and provides concrete steps to navigate the terrain of our potential new working economy during and after the pandemic.

Early on in my career search, I discovered I couldn’t realize my highest calling without spiritual help. Including GOD in my employment-seeking strategy made all the difference in how I approached finding a satisfying career. Now I want to guide you through the rewarding process that led me to my dream profession and can do the same for you.


Michael Hopper, Author

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